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Keep Your Family Safe around the Garage Door

Keep Your Family Safe around the Garage Door
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Most people opt to have garage doors installed and automated in their homes to provide their family and property with a seamless sense of security which can only be provided by a superior system. But these systems can pose a certain amount of danger to your family’s safety if they are not operated and maintained properly at all times. So if you have concerns about how to keep your family safe around your doors, especially with regards to your children, then here are a few simple safety tips to help you avoid any unnecessary injuries being caused by your set-up.

Keep an eye on your springs

Keep Your Family Safe around the Garage DoorA broken garage door spring can cause quite a lot of trouble for your system, but most importantly, it can render it unsafe to use. There should always be two functioning springs installed on your door at any time. Each one plays its part in balancing and supporting the heavy door so that it can be operated smoothly and safely. If one should fail, be sure to replace it quickly, lest the door itself becomes a danger to anybody standing near it.

Keep away from the tracks

The garage door tracks keep the system working smoothly by supporting its motion with small moving parts that help it along. But these parts move together quite closely and because of this they can easily snag appendages and digits when they are in motion. Injuries from this could range from a slightly painful pinch of the skin to the removal of a couple of fingers. Because of this you could imagine how important it is to keep young ones away from them, and to keep the tracks properly lubricated.

Inspect your safety features

Make sure that all of your safety features are working properly and are in good condition. The reverse function should kick in with even the slightest pressure from an obstacle when the door closes on it, and the sensor beams should always be operational to stop the door closing on anyone. Ensure too that your garage door safety cable is in great condition. This device provides the door with essential support, stopping it from crashing down should the springs fail, so make sure that they are always in good health.

Avoid DIY

Doing it yourself may sound like an appealing way to save money on maintenance and repairs, but it could work out badly in the long run. Improperly installed components could lead to their failure, making your door dangerous to operate. Besides that, injury can often be the result of conducting your own maintenance. For this reason it is always better to have a pro from an emergency garage door company handle repairs and maintenance for you.

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